House Rules

OUTDOOR SEATING: The City of Paso Robles made the decision last fall to remove all temporary parklets effective the end of January. While we very much appreciate having this extended dining space to physically distance and maximize our outdoor footprint, until a permanent parklet discussion begins we will be seating guests in our indoor and limited outdoor dining space. If you have selected a reservation on our patio please know that while it is heated we recommend dressing in layers.

RESERVATIONS: Reservations are available online for parties of up to 6 guests, and all availability is listed. For parties of 6-10 people please call the restaurant at (805) 226-0300. We are currently only booking reservations two months in advance. The largest party we can accommodate is 10 people (no exceptions). Please note that we are unable to combine reservations to create larger parties.

PETS: Only service dogs are allowed anywhere on our premises. Emotional support animals are not recognized under ADA requirements and are prohibited inside our restaurant or courtyard. Dogs are not allowed to be in someone’s lap, purse or sitting on a chair.